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Escape Room Weekend | March 22-24, 2019

About 2 year(s) ago by Mountain Lake Lodge
Are you capable of escaping our newly re-done "escape room" cabin this March? Can your team put your heads together to find the way out and resources needed before time is up? 
*Children under 16 must be accompanied by one adult.  
This package includes:
  • 2 Nights Lodging (1 Night Lodging Available upon request)
  • 1 Hour Escape Room Reservation (Saturday)
  • $25 Dining Credit to Harvest Restaurant 
 Call to Book: (540) 626-7121 or click the link above!
*After Booking, you will receive a call within 2 business days to choose a time slot!

"A Few Morsels" -- Escape the Cabin!
For months you've struggled to survive, one night, as your group is losing daylight, you stumble upon what looks like a cabin. It looks relatively dry and a safe place to stay for a while. As you enter the room, you discover it's a full home complete with cabinets of supplies and food all under lock and key. You realize someone lives here and you don't have much time to find the keys to unlock the supplies and escape with the sun quickly setting. Can you find the needed supplies and escape before the owner returns?
You will have one hour from the time you get into the room to find the proper amount of food, medicine, water, and escape by stopping the clock before the owner returns.
Good Luck! 

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