Giles County

Virginia’s Vibrant Giles County: A Region Rich in Culture and Adventure

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Mountain Lake Lodge offers guests convenient proximity to some of Virginia’s best outdoor recreation and cultural events reflecting the area’s Appalachian heritage and rich history. Whether you are here for a family vacation or a company retreat, Giles County  offers a wide range of options, including:

  • The New River,  providing some of the country’s best smallmouth bass fisheries, rafting, kayaking, canoeing and tubing
  • The Appalachian Trail ,  featuring miles of scenic walking, hiking and biking
  • Jefferson National Forest,  offering hunting and miles of trails
  • Cascade Falls ,  one of the prettiest waterfalls on the East Coast
  • Castle Rock Golf Course,  a delightful 18 hole course overlooking the New River
  • Arts & Culture,  including festivals, galleries and workshops featuring the work of local painters, sculptors, woodworkers and musicians.
  • The Crooked Road , Virginia’s 300-mile music heritage trail
  • Round the Mountain Artisan Network ,  which organizes many of Southwest Virginia’s music and artisan experiences

Credits: Alisa H Moody | Wild Country Studios for the photos of Castle Rock Golf Course and the Cascades

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