Recreation Programs 2015

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Recreational Programs 2015

Mountain Lake Lodge’s 2,600 acres provides ample opportunity for those seeking adventure of the outdoor variety. 22 miles of hiking trails with several amazing overlooks can be explored alone or with a guide, or rent a bike from the Outfitters shop and pedal around the mountain! Mountain Lake Lodge is also a nature lover’s paradise, and we are committed to helping guests connect with nature. Even more, we offer arts and crafts where all ages will enjoy learning new skills and creating something they can take home! There’s so much more to do up on the Mountain like outdoor movies, hayrides, and more! Take a look at some descriptions below, and keep in mind that activities are constantly being created, modified, and improved, so stay tuned!

We have three major categories of intensity: L=Low adventure, M=Medium adventure, H=High adventure. Keep this in mind when planning your trip!

$ denotes a charge will be associated with activity.

Primary age bracket and approximate time designated as well.


Outdoor Adventure:

Treetop Adventures: Get outdoors, challenge yourself, and experience the exhilaration of climbing, balancing, and zipping through the forest on our aerial adventure course! Sky bridges, standing swings, rope bridges, and zip lines offer a variety of challenges that are fun for everyone! Reservations highly recommended. 2 hours, H, $, 8-11 for the kid’s course, and 10 and up for the adult course.

Archery Tag: Do you want to feel like Robin Hood? Archery Tag offers you the opportunity to test your skills in the competitive sport that is sweeping the nation! Team up and take each other on armed with bows and arrows that are tipped with harmless foam. All safety equipment provided. 1 – 1.5 hour games, H, $, 8+.

BubbleBall: Ever wish that you could put the “contact” back into “contact sports” without putting yourself into the hospital? BubbleBall is your chance to do just that! Put on the protective BubbleBall suits and slam into each other while playing soccer, other sports, or just do it for fun! 1-1.5 hour games, H, $, 8+.

Mountain Biking: Mountain Lake boasts almost 20 miles of some of the best mountain biking in the area. Rentals are available from the Outfitters shop, along with trail maps and tips for where to ride. Want some company? Outfitters staff will occasionally lead a guided ride, or teach a lesson if you’re just getting started. M-H, $, 8+.

Archery: Regular archery, not Archery Tag! Test your archery skills with our practice arrows and targets. Rentals are available from the Outfitters shop, and occasionally our staff will teach lessons, or stage competitions. M-H, $, 8+.

Guided Hikes: Our 22 miles of trails are always open, but if you’d like some company feel free to tag along with one of our staff members that can point out interesting facts and locations along the way! We also will occasionally organize hikes off the mountain, and even provide a hiking option with a bag lunch. Most hikes are complimentary, with the exception of off mountain and lunch hikes. 1 hour to half a day, M-H, $, all ages.


Arts and Crafts

Tie-dye shirts:  Join an Outfitters staff member and make a tie-dye shirt. All materials provided and shirt will have MLL logo. 1 hour. $, L, all ages.  

Birdhouses:  Build your own birdhouse to take home! All materials will be provided, including paint, stencils, and more to decorate your birdhouse! 1 hour. $, L, all ages.

Bird Feeders: Join an Outfitters staff member and make a birdfeeder to take home and put in your own yard! You’ll also be able to decorate it, and we’ll provide you with seed to fill at the end. 1 hour, L, $, all ages.

Butterfly feeders: Like butterflies? Help turn your yard into a butterfly’s favorite spot by building your own feeder! Materials will be provided and staff members will help construct the feeder and talk about what you can expect to visit it. 1 hour, L, $, all ages.


Nature Programs

Nature journal hikes:  Take a walk with our naturalist and have your very own nature journal that you can fill with items and notes that you find along the way! 1 hour. $, L, all ages.

Bird-watching: Join our staff in looking for and identifying some of the species of birds we have at Mountain Lake! Everything you need will be provided, including a small pamphlet with descriptions of all the birds in the area. 1-2 hours. $, L, all ages.

Firefly Walk:  Guests will be led by our naturalist on an exclusive walk to the darkest parts of the wilderness to observe these incredible creatures that light up the forest. Flashlights will be provided. 1-2 hours, M-H, $, all ages.

Scavenger hunts:  Have challenges all over the mountain that contestants must complete and then turn in proof of completion to Outfitters. Pictures, items to find, activities to complete, etc. $, L-H, all ages.

Mini Naturalist Classes: Love the outdoors? Want to know more about it? Join our naturalist to learn all about what nature has to offer with a variety of topics. Even get a special certificate at the end! $, 1-1.5 hours L, all ages.


Other Activities:

Outdoor movies:  What better way to spend an evening than by sitting outside and enjoying a movie on our huge inflatable screen? Maybe if there was popcorn? Good news, we’ve got that too! Movies will set up out on the lawn along with the popcorn machines. All ages.

Knot tying classes:  Learn 3-4 basic knots typically associated with climbing and/or outdoor recreation. Short length of rope will provided, which you can keep to continue practicing at home! 1 hour. $, L, 10 and up.

Family Olympics:  A vacation is a great place to make friends, so get together with other guests and engage in some wacky challenges and competitions hosted by our Outfitters staff. Prizes will be awarded! 1-2 hours, L-M, $, all ages.

Walking tours:  Mountain Lake is a place rich with history and many interesting facts. Our walking tours will focus on different aspects, from the history of the lodge itself, to the history of the property, or a walk dedicated to the now-famous question: “What happened to the lake?” 1-2 hours, L, all ages.

Bonfire:  After a full day, kick back around the fire and relax with other guests. Bonfires will be lit nightly by requests, and s’mores kits are available for purchase. However, keep an eye out as occasionally Outfitters staff will host a special bonfire with some great surprises! 2 hours. $, L, all ages.

If you have any questions about the activities please contact us at 540-626-7121 or .